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ici vous trouvez les dèrnieres nouvelles-wimbi.
(seulement en anglais)

wimbi in FOTOHITS

i just found the latest issue of FOTOHITS in my postbox:
and it has a little article about wimbi in it...
great! on the headline to check out their website!

volunteers needed

wimbi has applied for registration with the un onlinevolunteer program. its a wonderful institution that connects people and organisations with volunteers who help them online with their ongoing projects.
so if you want to put your skills to use for others right from your desktop; register at:

talking about volunteers, we still need someone(s) to translate the wimbi pages into dutch and spanish. if you are intrested there is a word document on the downloads page (wimbitextgb) it conains the copmplete english text and some instructions...

consolidation and wimbi-forum

... spent the last two days consolidating the formatting and typography of all four wimbi-sites. after some attempts and trial and error finally succeeded in integrating a punbb-forum into the wimbi site (english only!) so now you can ask questions or give answers - just as you like...

"seamless punbb integration" curtesy of thank you robbie

punbb forum at

comig soon: wimbi's own discussion forum...

wimbi at the IRS (part 3) - now wimbi at the court

good news from the local court in beckum. wimbi's statutes or ok. now we can hand in a request for exemption from tax at the IRS and after a founding session of wimbi's founding members we can register wimbi as a official german NGO at the court in beckum...

to be continued...

introducing: the wimbi shop

very soon you can get what you need at:
»the wimbi shop«

buy shirts, prints, cameras and
much more wimbi-gear and help us get on with it.
all the profits from the shop will go 100% into the project.

if you can't wait to spend some money - why not make a donation?

brandnew and good-for-you: »wimbi news«

now you can follow wimbi's blog, which is normally living here - directly on the wimbi pages here.

since most of wimbi's friends come from englishspeaking families wimbi's blog is also in english and in english only (je m'éxcuse, entschuldigung and pole!)
voir posts plus vieux...
ci vous ne pouvez pas voir les nouvelles wimbi ici, prier de cliquer ici.

les archives blog

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