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*kibanda (swahili) = small hut

kibanda is a by-product of our work with the pinhole camera.

whereas taking portraits of one's self and one another posed a physical challenge in terms of sitting still for about twenty minutes, to find the beauty in the buildings of a slum can be described as an aesthetic exercise.

the pictures were mostly taken by three people forming a crew, or in some cases, a gang of some sort; one for the camera, that was in advance, armed with a sheet of photographic paper in the darkroom, a second person in charge of the school seat which would be used as a tripod, the third and final student was the master of the watch and as such in charge of the exposure time.

once a decision was reached concerning the choice of the building the camera would be placed firmly on the stool and the play-doh (tm)- shutter removed from the lens (hole) to expose the picture.

over the next twenty minutes a small crowd would gathering on the scene inquiring and discussing the possibilities, pros and cons of international pinhole photography.

if "the master of the watch" would not be drawn to deeply into these discussions he would then close the shutter after the appropriate time had elapsed and return it to the lab where the picture would be developed.

i like these pictures very much and i think they will be part of a separate informal architecture project.

*kibanda (swahili) = small hut
supermarket, kibagare slum, nairobi, kenya
supermarket kibanda
duka nairobi kenia
duka, kibagare slum, nairobi, kenya


*kibanda (swahili) = small hut

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