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hier gibt es immer das neueste aus dem wimbi blog.
(...leider nur auf englisch)

sucessfull booksale

we would like to thank s.fischer publishers, frankfurt/main and carlsen publishers, hamburg for their generous book-donations. that made our "wimbi-mega-booksale" a big sucess.

we are invitng everyone to support the project by donating sellable books, for more mega sales in the near future...

wimbi mega book sale

... join us at "kulturgut haus nottbeck" where the fifth annual book-market will be held on the 13th of september (all day long). wimbi e.v. will be there to offer you a wide range of used and "almostnotused" books at very competitive prices. we are very thankfull to carlsen publishers, hamburg and s. fischer publishers, frankfurt, for their generous book-donations. all proceeds will be used to fund wimbi's projects in india and palestine.


…from now on »wimbi« is »wimbi e. v.«. »e. v.« stands for »eingetragener verein« and means wimbi is now an officially registered organisation. wimbi is registered at the german court at beckum, registration # VR 786. the german IRS acknowledges that wimbi's goals are of »public benefit« and therefore you can deduct your donations to »wimbi e. v.« from your taxable income*.

so, why not make a donation today? :-)

*this is true for german taxpayers, for foreign countries and their residents, please check your local taxation laws.

wimbi featured at

…this week,, the rapidweaver showcase site features the wimbi project's online presence…

1000 visitors

today, thanks to the busy guys in canada, the english wimbi site got it's thousands visitor. there were 4750 pages viewed since we started in february earlier this year and the average viewer stayed for more than eight minutes. visitors to the english wimbi site came from 45 different countries. thanks a lot and keep on clickin'…

wimbi at the notary wimbi visited the notary, who filed the papers for our official registration at the court...

wimbi in FOTOHITS

i just found the latest issue of FOTOHITS in my postbox:
and it has a little article about wimbi in it...
great! on the headline to check out their website!

volunteers needed

wimbi has applied for registration with the un onlinevolunteer program. its a wonderful institution that connects people and organisations with volunteers who help them online with their ongoing projects.
so if you want to put your skills to use for others right from your desktop; register at:

talking about volunteers, we still need someone(s) to translate the wimbi pages into dutch and spanish. if you are intrested there is a word document on the downloads page (wimbitextgb) it conains the copmplete english text and some instructions...
ältere einträge...
falls der blog hier nicht zu sehen ist wird wohl gerade am server geschraubt.
in diesem fall einfach hier klicken...

wimbi news archiv

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